Email Extractor Addon

Contributing back to the open source community as a token of thanks for all the help we have always received...

What is Email Extractor?
Email Extractor addon helps you extract emails from the web pages

What are the features?
  • Extract emails
  • Copy to clipboard
  • Clear the listed emails
  • Export as text file
  • Choose between Desktop/Downloads for the text file

Who will benefit from this?

  • People looking for jobs
  • Recruiters looking for candidates
  • Sales Team to get leads
  • Marketing teams
  • And almost anyone who needs to gather a lot of emails

Why was it created?
You've no idea  how boring it is to go through a large text file line by line looking for emails. Well, we had to do that in one of our projects as part of our work. That's really when we decided to make something that would make our life a lot easier. And thus the addon was born.

Where can I download this?
You can download it from the Mozilla Addons page, here.

Who are the contributors?